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Wisetools INView Anywhere SPI mobile app

RELEASED November 2016
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 INView Anywhere v2.2 


A mobile app that provides easy, secure access to your instrumentation data anywhere on the plant.

View SmartPlant® Instrumentation data specific to your needs anywhere on the plant WITHOUT access to Wi-Fi.

Learn how INView Anywhere uses INSync to create custom instrumentation data packages.

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RELEASED November 2016
Read about INField Check and INLoop Check v2.2 FEATURES

Two new add-on apps now available for use with INView Anywhere:

INField Check - view current instrument data and record as found corrections.

INLoop Check - Paperless loop check system.  View video demonstration.




Wisetools sync instrumentation data

RELEASED November 2016
Read about INSync Admin v2.2 FEATURES

Connects to the SmartPlant® Instrumentation database to continually and automatically sync the INSync database with the SPI database.

Creates data packages for INView AnywhereINField Check and INLoop Check.

Retrieves related tag or loop documents from a file server or from a Document Management System.

Use INSync Review to manage uploaded data from INField Check and INLoop Check.

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UPDATED January 2018 - Alarms and Trips Browser, External Links and External Documents Feature Added

View External Links/Maximo Video Demonstration

Read about INView NEW Features

Make viewing your SmartPlant Instrumentation data easy while ensuring it's integrity.

Use this web-based, multi-user application to view your SmartPlant Instrumentation data.  Simple search and view capabilities for tags and loops, view and print datasheets and loop drawings, panel/strip live reports, I/O assignements and alarms and trips reports and more.

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Read about INAudit v6.5.x FEATURES

A whole new way to manage your SmartPlant Instrumentation data.

Learn how this web-based, easy-to-use application can help you maintain the quality and integrity of your SmartPlant Instrumentation data.

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