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INP&ID integrates your plant’s P&ID drawings (CAD or SPPID) with SPI instrumentation data and related documents.  The documents can be stored on a file server or within your Document Management System.  By enabling immediate access to physical asset information from a single source, INP&ID ultimately enables quicker operational decision making.

Use from a desktop or tablet.


INAPI is WiseTools’ API feature.  It enables automatic viewing of data and deliverables between INView, INP&ID and INAuditPro applications and it connects 3rd party software such as SAP, Maximo ALIM and AIM to INView and INP&ID.


The result is the ability to view all your instrumentation and P&ID data and deliverables using a single interface.

Click here for a summary of INAPI calls.


A read-only, multi-user, web app for viewing SmartPlant Instrumentation data.  Simple search and view capabilities for tags, datasheets, loops, panels and segments.  View and print search results, current and archived datasheets, loop and panel strip drawings, I/O assignments, alarms and trips reports and more.

See what is coming in INView v10.1.x - scheduled for June 2024

Use from a desktop or tablet.


INAuditPro is a web-based tool for inspecting Engineering and As-Built/OO SmartPlant Instrumentation databases.   Use it to assess your SPI database data to identify incomplete, missing or corrupt data.  Provides automatic detailed reports to enable corrections.  Audit reports now integrated with INView. 

INAuditPro offers several different audit modules:

For As-Built Projects

  • Pre-Merge 

  • Project Statistics 

  • Project Panels 

For As-Built and Engineering

  • DB Integrity

  • Standards 

  • Statistics 

  • Engineering and As-Built 


INDigital© is a WiseTools utility that enables the user to quickly and easily map SPI data and normalize datasheet user defined fields. Data can be extracted by datasheet, process function or a single all inclusive data dump as required to suit the digital twin.

Extracting data from SPI for a digital twin that involves datasheet data can be complex.  The complexity level depends on how the SPI index user defined data fields and tables, and the datasheet user defined data fields, are configured.  As most SPI databases were not originally configured with a digital twin in mind, items that would normally not be an issue become one when extracting data.

INDigital API enables batch extraction of the SPI digital data based on the defined data extraction options.


INTurnover© - FINALLY, a user friendly tool that enables you to audit project datasheet data before turnover for hosted or non hosted (EPC) SPI projects.  Compatible with Engineering or OO/As-Built databases.

  • A cost-effective, web solution that assists in the project turnover process by auditing project datasheets to ensure compliance with your company standards. 

  • Configurations with additional functions to check non hosted SPI database changes to datasheets, instrument types and instrument profiles.

  • Solves the datasheet data mapping issue by providing a simple graphical interface to enable the user to select the required data fields directly on the datasheet.

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