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A Reputation for Excellence

Our Vision

WiseTools has a reputation for excellence and has entered into strategic partnerships with a variety of companies. Since 1996, we have met all of our clients’ consulting and auditing needs, landing long term contracts with companies such as Shell and NWRP.

WiseTools specializes in establishing and maintaining SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI) standards, auditing engineering data systems, enhancing data quality, data migration and database merging. We empower our clients with technology.


WiseTools develops simple solutions for viewing, auditing and integrating SmartPlant Instrumentation data.  Our products are not only cost effective but cloud compatible, digitally integrated and mobile enabled.

With an ever-increasing drive to reduce plant operating costs, one of the main requirements is easy access to accurate and complete data which ensures that systems can be reliably integrated to facilitate a digital world.


Our solutions enable the user to enhance the quality and the completeness of their SPI databases and add complementary features and functions that enhance the value of their SPI data.

Business Partners at Work

SmartPlant Audits - Find out how our independent SmartPlant database audit service can help you improve the overall quality of your instrumentation data and save you time and money.  

SmartPlant Consulting - Find out what expertise we offer in every facet of a SmartPlant Instrumentation environment from the integration of SPI into SmartPlant Foundation and importing legacy data to complete builds and configuration of the database. 

Learning OptionsWith over 25 years of experience in the petrochemical/oil & gas industry and over 16 years supporting and training within the SmartPlant Instrumentation environment (originally called INTools), we are experts in SPI are eminently qualified to develop training materials and deliver training to SPI users.

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