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What's New at WiseTools

INView v10 361x361.png

RELEASED July 2024

More New Features, More Secure, More Integrated

Find out about Integrated Digital Datasheet Redlining


Used extensively on over 90 plant sites worldwide, INView is the industry’s preferred web-based instrumentation browser for viewing SPI/SI data.  In keeping with our mandate to be the best, we continually improve INView© as illustrated with our latest version.

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September 2023

Powerful, Effective New Features


Test the power of the latest version of INView.  Everything you need at your desk or on the plant site.  Again it has been substantially enhanced to provide you with a fast, efficient method of accessing all SPI data.


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INAPI 361x361.png

July 2023

Increase your Instrumentation Productivity


INAPI is WiseTools’ API feature.  This tool improves collaboration and internal communication within the plant as its core functionality is integration, making connectivity fast and easy between WiseTools main applications - INView, INP&ID and INAuditPro.  This feature enables SPI instrumentation data users to automatically view relevant data and deliverables without physically moving between applications. 

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INP&ID 361x361.png

January 2023

Simple, Fast, Cost-Effective P&ID Viewer


Are you looking for an easy and quick way to view your SPP&ID or CAD drawings?  INP&ID is the answer. Turn the instrumentation data contained on your CAD or SPPID P&ID drawings into a simple, graphic interface. 

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cloud compatible.png

January 2023

Looking to a Digital Future


WiseTools is well-positioned to support you in your transition to a digital world with products that are cost-effective, cloud-compatible, digitally integrated, and used in over 80 plants worldwide.

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